DIY mossing, Create your own moss pictures

Creating moss pictures and moss walls yourself from Iceland moss Reindeer moss, DIY moss

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Icelandmoss Moss Flakes Lime-Green

14.50 / kg *
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Icelandmoss Moss Flakes May-Green

14.50 / kg *
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Icelandmoss Moss Flakes Natural-Green

14.50 / kg *
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Wooden Frames

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Grid Support

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Wooden frame

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Wooden Cork Frame

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Round Eco-Cork Bases

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Cork Plates

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Polystyrene Bases

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Florist Clamps

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Island moss, Rendeermoss in premium quality for DIY Mosspictures

Iceland moss, Reindeer moss in premium quality from mossitive for the production of moss pictures and moss walls.

Iceland moss, reindeer moss, moss flakes

Creating very easy Moss pictures, moss walls and green walls with moss flakes from Iceland moss, reindeer moss. DIY Moss pictures and moss walls.

Mosscarrier systems & accessories

Do it your self moss picture and moss wall, build your own moss wall. Moss pictures and moss walls from Iceland moss. Reindeer moss is pure nature for every room.