Terms of shipping and payment

Shipping costs information

Shipping costs are not available until you put something into your shopping basket. 

They are calculated depending on weight, size and value of your purchase.


Delivery time

The delivery time (production time + shipping time) starts after we have received full payment. We calculate depending on the shipping method with the following delivery time:

  • DHL package: 2 - 4 work days
  • Carrier: 5 - 10 work days

For the following reasons, the time window between order time and delivery may be greater than the delivery time specified for the items:

  • Depending on the payment method, the payment receipt (and thus also the start of production) may be several days after the time of ordering.
  • For items in the shopping cart with different delivery times, the article with the longest delivery time is always oriented when all items are shipped together.

Shipping costs within germany

DHL package
(L=120cm w=60cm h=60cm or max 3000 mm girth) 

Max 5kg: 5,99 €
Max 10 kg: 8,49 €
Max 31,5 kg: 16,49 €
Max 63 kg: 32,98 €
Max 94,5 kg : 49,47 €

Higher weights on request.

Shipping costs within EU (outside of Germany)

DHL package
(L=120cm w=60cm h=60cm or max 3000 mm girth) 

Max 2 kg: 13,69 €
Max 5 kg: 14,99 €
Max 10 kg: 20,99 €
Max 20 kg: 31,99 €
Max 31,5 kg: 44,99 €

Higher weights on request.


Shipping costs Switzerland

DHL package
(L=120cm w=60cm h=60cm or max 3000 mm girth) 

Max 2 kg: 12,70 €
Max 5 kg: 26,90 €
Max 10 kg: 34,99 €
Max 20 kg: 48,99 €
Max 31,5 kg: 54,99 €

Higher weights on request.


All other countries on request.

Pickup in our warehouse - free shipping

Choose the pickup to save shipping costs. Payment is still processed online. Cash payment is not possible. Production starts after money receipt.

After completing your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The goods are then ready for pickup for you.


om bastic AG

In: chillten bottrop
46240 Bottrop

Be aware that choosing pickup does not change the production time of 2-3 working days. 



Shipping costs are not available before you put something into your shopping basket.

We accept the following methods of payment:

Payment in advance
Bank details:
Name of Bank: Sparkasse Duisburg
IBAN: DE06350500000200075737 
Account owner: om bastic AG
cash on delivery
The COD charge is 6,90 € and is charged by DHL.
PayPal Credit card debit
Plus 2% handling fee from the shopping cart value.
Cash or EC card payment in moosartig Shop
Gungstr.3, 46240 Bottrop
Toll free