Icelandmoss Moss Flakes May-Green

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Moss Flakes May-Green Roots of Icelandmoss, with irregular deep-dyed coloring and average color consistency.

Perfectly usable for quick Moss-it-yourself naturally-looking Decorations, for example by just pouring them into vessels of glass.

Furthermore, Icelandmoss Flakes can be used for Moss-it-yourself Moss-Images, Moss-Walls and modelmaking. You can easily fixate them by using cork- or modelmaking-adhesive or simply use our mossing pegs to fixate them on cork or polystyrene.

Note: Our Moss Flakes are mechanically sorted. There may still be small amounts of wooden parts residue like fir needles present.

Advantages of Iceland Moss:

  • exclusive Design
  • healthy indoor climate
  • soothing room acoustics
  • little upkeep
  • ideal for any kind of room
  • fire retardant effect
  • highest manufacturing standard
  • sustainably cultivated

In the Moss Nursery you can learn the necessary knowledge for creative design with Icelandmoss.

Additional product information

Weight 1kg
Color Maigrün
One Unit lasts for 0,5m² (71x71cm)


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Wooden Cork Frame Wooden Cork Frame
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Wooden frame Wooden frame
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Cork Plates Cork Plates
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Square Eco-Cork Bases Square Eco-Cork Bases
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Round Eco-Cork Bases Round Eco-Cork Bases
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Round Support Framework for Moss Pictures Round Support Framework for Moss Pictures
from 12.90 € *
Tracks Bracket for Moss Pictures for Wall Fastening Tracks Bracket for Moss Pictures for Wall Fastening
from 14.98 € / 2 piece(s) *
Steel Base Cortendesign Steel Base Cortendesign
from 88.00 € *
Polystyrene Bases Polystyrene Bases
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A-Nr030006 A-Nr030006
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