Do it your self DIY Mosspictures and mosswalls


Everything Mossitive to produce mosspictures and mosswalls composed of Icelandmoss!



Mosspictures and mosswalls are pure nature for every room without care


All products for the production of individual moss pictures or mosswalls from Iceland moss or reindeer moss


Premium Moss is Icelandmoss in premium quality in 18 different colors composed of many concolorous moss clumps. Premium moss has durable consistency of colors. Most helpful for high quality mosspictures, mosswalls and modelling.

Moss Flakes consist of roots of Iceland moss, in 18 different colors with intermittend colour intensity and medium consistency of colors. Most helpful for decoration purposes such as pouring moss into glass jars, behind glass walls or in bowls. Or just use it for mosspicturesmosswalls and modelling.

►Use Moss carrier, frames and accessoires for professional processing of Iceland moss to moss pictures and moss walls.

►In our Moss nursery you will learn the necessary knowledge for creative designing with Iceland or reindeer moss.






mossartists - Ideas and hints for your own mossproduction

It's a german Facebookgroup, where you can exchange tipps and tricks with other people interested in moss pictures and mosswalls.

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