Moss mat two-coloured fluffy 114x28,5cm as moss picture or moss wall from natural moss Iceland moss

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Moss mats consist of Island moss or Reindeer moss. Moss mats are available in 19 colours in the size 114 x 28,5 cm. Multicoloured moss mats , logos or fonts are available on request. Moss mats have an exclusive look. Moss mats are suitable for every room and do not require any maintenance. No matter which size and shape you want to moss, moss mats can easily be cut to size e.g. with a jigsaw and seamlessly joined together to form popular large moss walls. Moss mats are suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. Moss mats contribute to improving room acoustics, reducing fine dust and room humidity. For wall or ceiling mounting, a fixing set consisting of two industrial Velcro tapes with one-sided adhesive surface in the size 112 x 10 cm is included.

The Iceland moss and Reindeer moss used come exclusively from the EU and are harvested sustainably. As carrier material for the moss mats, 5 mm thick industrial felt with high density is used. The moss mat is optionally available in fire protection class B1.

Here once again the advantages of moss mats at a glance:

Exclusive design
19 colours plus optional individual design
Healthy room climate through reduction of fine dust and passive humidity regulation
Soothing room acoustics with a high degree of absorption
No maintainance 
Optimal for every room
Easily adjustable in size and shape
Suitable for flat and curved surfaces
Highest manufacturing quality
Optional fire-retardant effect with fire protection class B1

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