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Iclandmoss B Quality / Flora Moss Moss-Green

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19.90 / kilogram(s)
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Icelandmoss in in B quality or florist market quality usable for moss-pictures, moss-walls and modelmaking.  

Moss quality is interfused with thick bushes of moss, small bushes of moss, as well as flakes of moss. Color quality is less regular than with our Premium Moss and medium-grade color consistency. It is a cost-efficient alternative to our Premium Moss.

Note: Our Flora Moss is mechanically sorted. There may still be small amounts of wooden parts residue like fir needles present.

Advantages of Icelandmoss:

  • exclusive Design
  • healthy indoor climate
  • soothing room acoustics
  • little upkeep
  • ideal for any kind of room
  • fire retardant effect
  • highest manufacturing standard
  • sustainably cultivated

In the Moss Nursery you can learn the necessary knowledge for creative design with Flora Moss.


Additional product information

Weight 1kg
Color Moss-Green
One Unit lasts for Moosfläche ca.0,125m² = Beispiel 35x35cm


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